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Our Services

Critical Rescue offers a range of medical Services. Film and TV medical cover, Exploration and Mine cover and standby's big or small. 

Contact us today to find out more about our offerings and services.

Happy Sports Team
Helicopter Rescue Team

Event Medical Stand-by

 Critical Rescue has extensive experience in providing emergency medical staff and equipment for various events. Our medical events coordinator will take care of all the logistical requirements for your event. Critical Rescue will ensure that your event complies with all requirements as set out by the relevant bodies. Our skilled staff can also assist in setting up a Venue Operation Centre (VOC), medical clinic and much more.

Remote Medical Cover

Should you have a patient in any hospital within Namibia requiring transportation for any reason such as upgrading to a specialist/surgeon step-down facility etc. . Critical Rescue has the necessary equipment to effectively complete from a basic inter-hospital transfer to an Intensive Care Unit transfer offering ventilation, continuous infusion of medication and monitoring of patients requiring continuous life support measures.

Construction Site

Mine & Exploration Cover

The availability of immediate medical response services is a vital requirement for increased safety in the mining industry. Despite all the training and safety strategies, accidents  still happen – and effective emergency medical response needs to ensure that further injury can be prevented and the injured receives the best possible medical treatment. Contact us to find out more about this.

Film and TV medical cover

Should any talent or crew require treatment on set our dedicated Unit Medics will be able to care for them straight away on set. If transport to a medical facility is required, Critical Rescue  will dispatch an Emergency Ambulance to the scene if not already on location. Should the production have a preferred medical facility where the patients should be transported to, the medics on scene will be notified. Should the patient need to be transported to a second medical facility for further treatment, we can be contacted to arrange the transfer.

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